Garbage Disposal Leaking at the Discharge

If the discharge of the garbage disposal is leaking, find out how to correct discharge installation issues.

Watch & Learn

If the garbage disposal discharge appears to be leaking, this 40-second video points out a few key areas to check and correct.

Written Directions

Before attempting to repair your garbage disposal, read and understand the entire InSinkErator safety and installation instructions listed below.

Materials Needed




  • Below are three basic steps to follow that could stop the discharge from leaking.

1. Check the discharge.

Check that the discharge nut or bolts are tight.

2. Check the gasket.

Check the gasket for accumulated debris or cracks. Replace any cracked parts.

3. Check the discharge elbow.

Look for any cracks on the discharge elbow and verify that the elbow/trap joint is tight. Replace any cracked parts.

Still Not Working?

If after following our troubleshooting solutions your garbage disposal still leaks, it may need service. If the problem with your garbage disposal is due to a quality issue, InSinkErator ma​y pay to have an authorized service center service the garbage disposal in your home at no charge to you.

Tips For Success

  • Locating Hard to Find Leaks: Empty the area below the sink. Spread a sheet of newspaper flat over bottom of cabinet below sink. Secure with tape. If water drips from a leaking area, it will leave a wet spot on the paper. Place stoppers in sink(s) and fill with water. Leave sinks full for a while. Look for leaks. Remove stopper(s) and let sink drain. Look for leaks. Turn on the water and garbage disposal and allow them to run while looking for leaks.
  • If leaks are not found, keep paper in place for a few days. If you see no indication of leaks, water may be from other sources. Check water filters, dish sprayer, faucet, dishwasher drain hose, sink/countertop seam, and countertop joints.

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