Water Too Hot or Not Hot Enough

If the water from your dispenser is too hot or too cold, find out how to adjust the temperature.

Written Directions

Before attempting to repair your hot water product, read and understand the entire InSinkErator safety and installation instructions listed below.

Materials Needed




  • Upon initial install, the water in the tank takes about 15 minutes to reach target temperature.
  • The temperature the thermostat is set to is of the water in the tank itself. Water temperature will drop slightly when dispensed as it travels through the faucet and into your cup.

1. Check the temperature of your tank.

Locate the thermostat dial on the front of the tank and gradually turn it counterclockwise to decrease the temperature or clockwise to increase the temperature. If the water is too hot, depress or twist the dispenser handle for 20 seconds to allow cold water to enter the tank and allow the water to reheat to the new setting. Continue adjusting the dial in small increments until the temperature is to your liking.

2. Tips for getting the hottest water:

Dispense the water for 1-2 seconds before filling your cup or other container. Fill with a small amount of water, swirl and dump it out to warm the receptacle. Fill up to your liking!

3. If the temperature adjustment does not resolve the issue, check all of the connections to make sure they are tight and secure. If the water from your dispenser is not hot at all, click here for more information.

Still Not Working?

If after following our troubleshooting solutions your hot water tank still doesn't reach the desired temperature, it may need service. If the problem with your hot water product is due to a quality issue, InSinkErator ma​y pay to have an authorized service center service the product in your home at no charge to you.

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