Warranty Information

To determine if your InSinkErator product is still under Warranty, the product Serial Number can help determine manufacturing date.

The gray tag near the bottom of your garbage disposal, or attached to your instant hot water dispenser tubes, provides the product Serial Number.


The first 2 digits of the Serial Number indicate the year of manufacture (i.e. 15 indicates 2015), while the second 2 digits indicate month of manufacture (i.e. 03 indicates March), in this example the product was manufactured in March of 2015.


Reference your Installation, Care and Use manual to see the length of the warranty term for your model. The warranty period commences from the later of: (a) the date your InSinkErator product is originally installed, (b) the date of purchase, or (c) the date of manufacture as identified by your InSinkErator Serial Number. Using this information will help you determine if your product is still covered by warranty.

For example, if your model has 10 year warranty term and the serial number indicates it was manufactured in March 2015, then the product is covered under warranty until March 2025. If you have a receipt stating it was purchased December 2015, then the warranty will be covered until December 2025.

If you are unable to provide documentation supporting either (a) or (b), the Warranty Period commencement date will be determined by Manufacturer, in its sole and absolute discretion, based upon your InSinkErator product Serial Number.

We Come To You™ In Home Warranty

All InSinkErator models provide in-home limited warranties. That means We Come to You whenever your InSinkErator garbage disposal or hot water dispenser needs service within the warranty period.  Text us at 262-233-2231 for more help or click here to find a servicer in your area.

Our We Come to You Warranty means we handle your service problems at your convenience in your home.

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