US & Canada SinkTop Switch Accessory Voluntary Corrective Action

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, InSinkErator is undertaking a voluntary corrective action plan that affects the products listed below. The Single Outlet SinkTop Switches can overheat if water gets into the power module and could pose a fire hazard.

Listed below are the 4 Model Numbers affected by this recall:


If you have a garbage disposal that plugs directly into a switched outlet and is operated by a wall switch, this corrective action does not apply to you and no action is necessary. If your garbage disposal is activated by pressing a SinkTop Switch, you need to determine if you have an affected model.


Determine if your garbage disposal is plugged into a single outlet or double outlet SinkTop Switch power module. See the pictures below for an example.

Single Outlet

If your garbage disposal is plugged into a single outlet power module (pictured below), unplug the power module from the outlet and check the label on the back to confirm your module shows one of the listed model numbers. If so, leave your power module unplugged and follow the corrective action instructions below.

Dual Outlet

If your garbage disposal is plugged into a dual outlet module (pictured below), then your product is NOT AFFECTED and no further action is required.

If you have an affected model, click here for a free SinkTop Switch replacement kit.

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